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We service the following : 
Forced Air & Central Air Systems
Air Conditioning Unit
Gas Furnace
Oil Furnace
Heat Pumps
Boiler (radiator distribution)
Ductless Mini-splits
Radiant Heat
Baseboard Heat

Heating & Cooling System
Service & Repair

Having faulty heating or air conditioning can be frustrating and waste your valuable time and money. If you're having trouble or are not happy with your current system function, let our team of trained technicians find the solution.

With years of experience and continued education, we are able to best identify solutions for your heating and cooling needs. Many problems can have a number of answers, and at Jones Heating and Air, we will look for the one that is best suited for you.

Home not cooling?

Call us if you notice:
• Leaks
• Odors
• Odd Noises
• Weak or Limited Airflow
• Warm air coming out of vents

Home not heating?

Call us if you notice:
• Increase in your energy bill
• Long waiting period to start up
• Cold spots around the house
• Inaccurate thermostat readings

Air Purifiers

Breathe cleaner air. According to the EPA, indoor air quality can more polluted than outdoor air due to a combination of lingering mold spores, pet dander, plant pollen, VOCs, and more. These pollutants can contribute to allergies, sinus infections, asthma, colds, and other respiratory illness.

A popular and effective solution for improved air quality in your home is installing a whole-home air purifier. We offer the advanced technology of proven brands Air Scrubber and APCO. These products can be integrated into your existing system.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help improve your indoor air quality!

Energy Savings Agreement Program

A simple but thorough maintenance plan can prevent many homeowners from wasting unnecessary time and money on their HVAC systems.

At Jones Heating and Air, Efficiency, comfort, and peace of mind of the staples of our Energy Saving Agreement Program.

With this agreement, you will receive 2 precision tune-ups each year. This will improve the efficiency of your equipment as the technician will change dirty filters, catch potential problems and fix existing problems that are draining to your system.

Having a qualified technician to inspect and clean your system twice a year means you can identify issues while they are still small and easy to fix, rather than waiting until they damage your system or become expensive.

With this agreement, we agree to provide you with a complete precision tune-up and professional cleaning for your cooling and or heating equipment during the term of the agreement.

Precision Tune-up Includes:

No repairs or improvements will be undertaken without customer’s permission
Adjust operating pressures
Adjust thermostat calibration
Clean & adjust blower components
Clean & adjust burner assembly
Clean & treat condensation drains
Clean heat exchanger
Clean (indoor) cooling coil if accessible
Clean or replace filters
Clean (outdoor) condenser coil
Lubricate all moving parts
Measure for correct air flow
Measure temperature difference
Measure all volts and amps
Test starting capabilities
Test all safety controls
Tighten all electrical connections


15% discount on repair service (labor and materials)
Never pay an overtime charge
Improved efficiency on equipment
Lower utility bills
Extended equipment life
24-hour Emergency Service
Priority Customer
Improved capacity on equipment
Inflation Protection for up to 3 years
Agreement is always transferrable
Receive a reminder phone call every 6 months

Commercial Services

Jones Heating & Air offers light commercial HVAC servicing and installation in the Charlottesville and surrounding area. We especially work closely with local churches. Please contact us to learn more about our products and the services we offer.

Tips for Homeowners:

1) Get a Precision Tune-Up. Schedule a professional HVAC company to perform a tune-up on your
HVAC system prior to a major seasonal change. A service technician will be able to catch small
things like freon leaks, weakening or failing parts, and the overall cleanliness and safety of your

2) Change Your Filters Regularly. A clean filter can make a world of difference in how your system

3) Proper Insulation. Make sure your attic is properly insulated. This will prevent your warm air
from escaping to the outside which will cause your unit to run excessively. This allows your HVAC
system to do less and still maintain the home’s proper temperature.

4) Seal Leaks. Make sure there are no leaks around windows, doors, and other openings where air
can get in. Not only do they let cold air into your home, they let the hot air out. Check your
chimney for any obstructions which can also be a safety hazard. Make sure you have working
smoke/carbon monoxide detectors for gas appliances.

5) Watch Out for Higher Than Normal Energy Bills. This could be an indication that your system is
not performing properly and you need a service check.


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