Is End-Of-Summer AC Maintenance Really That Important?

Now that it’s officially September, many American families are looking ahead to their fall and winter heating needs. But before you do, you’d be wise to think about your home AC repair and maintenance. While cooler temperatures may be on the horizon, that doesn’t mean you can simply forget about your home air conditioners. Not only might you need them in the coming weeks, but ignoring the maintenance they need until next year might really cost you. Here’s why.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off End-of-Summer Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance:

  • Autumn can be surprisingly scorching
    Although you might be excited about sweater weather, don’t forget that fall may not be as chilly as you’d think. Even in the northern part of the United States, temperatures can still soar throughout the next month or so. And if you live in a hotter climate, you’ll probably rely on your residential air conditioning for quite some time to come. If you forget to perform maintenance tasks or call for home AC repair now, you could end up having a non-functional AC system right when you need it most.


  • You might end up spending more money
    The average American home spends around 2.7% of their income (or $2,000 a year) on energy bills as it is. But if you don’t maintain or repair your residential cooling system at the end of the season, you could make existing problems a lot worse later on. You’ll certainly spend more on your monthly bills if you allow your unit to run with its current issues and without proper maintenance. Plus, you could amplify an easily fixable issue into something much bigger if you ignore it. Unless you want to spend more each month or on home AC repairs, you’d be wise to take care of any problems sooner rather than later.


  • Your AC unit might not last very long
    Residential cooling systems don’t last forever — but they’ll last a heck of a lot longer if you treat them right. Failing to perform end-of-season maintenance and repairs can shorten the lifespan of your unit due to the extra strain. Unfortunately, that might mean you’ll have to find and pay for a new system before you planned to. You might not relish the thought of paying for a tune-up, but it’s going to be significantly less painful for your pocketbook than buying an entirely new system.

Although summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean you can put off your maintenance tasks until next year rolls around. By taking care of these issues at the end of the summer, your unit will be equipped to get you through the hotter part of fall and will be ready to go next season.